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Summary : Student Services (Mes chères études)

It’s one of most important movies I’ve ever seen. I thought it would be about horny girl, who wants to get some extra money. Trailer, honestly, doesn’t put a good picture what this movie is about. On the other hand, maybe it’s because it wants to attract average audience to the truth about prostitution and not just people, who feel concerned about different social issues.

I think the film is done really well in meaning it pictures all nuances of prostitution very precisely and realistically without getting too heavy psychologically. It’s not a thriller or erotica, it’s just a story of life of one girl, who took a decision to try out prostitute services. What’s important, she’s smart, and sees things not through the lenses of a young naive girl, but someone with in-depth outlook on this job.

I definitely recommend it for everyone, who wishes to know, what prostitutes actually go through.

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