New Tokyo Decadence (2007)


Watch New Tokyo Decadence (2007) aka Dorei Full Movie Online.

Plot: BDSM Slave Movie New Tokyo Decadence

A sad story of lead actresses’, Rina real life experience; the confused life of a young woman and also a look into the world of bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadism and masochism (a.k.a. BDSM). She tells us that her math teacher in high school has made her aware of her inner self. She was a masochist. When she finishes high school, she moves to the city and finds an office job as a secretary. Her boss discovers her masochism quickly and takes her as his slave, but she is allowed to keep slaves for herself, as long as it is not his own. She uses the fact to get ahead and make money, but her master eventually pushes her too far, so she tries marriage, but realizes it’s not for her and goes back to her old master.

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