Le droit de cuissage (1980)


watch Le droit de cuissage aka Cheating couples french porn movie (1980)

Summary: Le droit de cuissage (1980)

Vincent thinks his wife, Genevieve is an awful bore, but she turns out to be an insatiate nymphomaniac. One evening they have a party at home, a few couples are invited. A woman seduces all men at the party. She obviously feels uncomfortable with the situation. What’s more her husband requests her to have sex in front of the audience but she runs away. Next day she masturbates dreaming of Gerald. She rings him up and makes a date and has sex in his apartment and she starts daily visits to his house. But she has no idea that she is watched by her husband and their neighbour in the apartment. She doesn’t know that all three guys are playing a tricky game with her. She has another sex party to have sex in front of the audience.

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