Laura Angel – Tessie (2001)


Watch Laura Angel – Tessie (2001) Full Movie Online.


In the shadow of a nuclear power plant disturbing, Tessie and her fellow workers live a monotonous life in a small town in Moravia. All else to dream of a life would be sweet. For Tessie, this dream is coming true because tomorrow she must marry Anton, the son of a notable. Only downside, it will leave his girlfriend Lara that binds a tender friendship. Unfortunately, a letter left by Anton breaks the dream. Driven by his family, it breaks its commitments and abandon. Desperate, Tessie short seek consolation in Lara but the latter, depressed by the departure of his friend has disappeared. Therefore, Tessie will no longer a goal, find Lara and love this movie, including women, their feelings, their desires and pleasures are the driving force, is first a great love story in which eroticism and perversity find their natural place without losing their authenticity.

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