Korean Movie : Me Too Hidden Truth (2018)


Watch Korean Movie : Me Too Hidden Truth (2018)

Synopsis : Me Too Hidden Truth – 2018 ( Mitu – Sumgyeojin jinsil )

Korean Movie – Campus couple Tae-ho and Eun-seo join the same graduate school to sit in lectures for the most powerful person in Korean journalism, Lee Hee-hyun. On the first day of school, Lee Hee-hyun takes a liking to pretty and smart Eun-seo and uses his authority to try and seduce her, but fails. Hye-jin realizes what the professor is trying to do and spends a night with him, getting herself to the symposium. Eun-seo questions the result and asks Lee Hee-hyun for an explanation. He asks her for physical pleasure and Eun-seo is just confused.

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