The Story of O


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Summary : The Story of O (1975) aka Histoire d’O

Corinne Clery is beautiful, marvelous, a real goddess of submission (first) and domination (after her training; be sure for this!) The delicate and high-class elegance of her face and her body is incomparable! And her grins, full with pain and (not encrypted) desire and last, when the whip smacks, again and again, her naked flesh! And her full-confident, hedonic, lustful smile when she whips mercilessly, as a mistress herself now, her slut slave!

From the very moment I’ve seen the movie I can’t stop fantasizing Mistress Corinne Clery make me her slave! Ordering me to kneel and kiss her feet! Smacking me and whipping me, again and again! Oh, Mistress!! I beg you before your feet; Give me the honor to serve you as your slave, to be useful for you to show upon me your dominion, your power in all your goddess glory!!

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